Interconnecting metaverses with a Layer 0 protocol

Meta0 is a blockchain infrastructure company that advances interoperability by connecting different chains and metaverses. We simplify blockchain integrations for game developers so that they can focus on building fun-to-play games and on creating experiences that gamers enjoy.

For Developers


  • Let us handle the blockchain complexities

    Blockchain integrations are hidden under-the-hood through white-label and unified API-based solutions

  • Build games on one blockchain, or multiple

    Flexible architecture leveraging strengths of multiple blockchains and access to a larger cumulative gaming audience

  • Create the most natural player-journey

    Intuitive experiences for gamers to start engaging with NFTs, all within the game environment

  • Future-proof your Web3 tech stack

    Continuously adding integrations for newer and more efficient blockchains to ensure longevity and access to best-in-class technologies


Integrated Blockchains

  • Ethereum
  • Binance
  • Polygon
  • Solana
  • Waves
  • ImmutableX


  • Polygon Studios
  • Waves Labs
  • Metarace
  • Wavesducks
  • Metaverse Standards Forum
  • Dragon Federation
  • Defiantz
  • JRStudio
  • Ludena
  • MythLinks
  • SoftHouse
  • Umiverse
  • Wyre